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Hair Bonnet

A hair bonnet is perfect for curly and afro hair. We sell hair bonnets in different colors and styles, made of soft satin. So are you als... Read more »
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A hair bonnet is perfect for curly and afro hair. We sell hair bonnets in different colors and styles, made of soft satin. So are you also done with tangled, dry and broken hair? With our satin hair bonnet you will wake up with fresh hair every day!

Our selection of hair bonnets stays neatly in place because of the durable elastic headband. The sizes of our satin bonnets are universal and suitable for all hair types.

What is a hair bonnet?

Bonnet is a French-derived word for cap, hat, headgear or as a general term meaning, “covering for the head”. As a result, the term bonnet has been used to refer to many different types of head-cover in several styles.

Bonnets are often brimless hats made with soft fabrics that wrap around the head, framing the face. Throughout history, bonnets have changed in style and purpose and worn by different kinds of people.

In modern times, bonnets are mostly worn by women and children of African ancestry. The rest of this blog post, is dedicated to this particular type of bonnet so read on to find out more, including:

  • What are bonnets made of?
  • Benefits of wearing a satin bonnet.
  • Who can wear satin bonnets?
  • Styles of satin bonnet.
  • Where to buy a satin bonnet.

What are bonnets made of?

The bonnet worn by women and children of African ancestry are made of Satin or Silk. Now you may ask, what’s the difference between a Satin and a Silk bonnet?

A Satin bonnet is made from synthetic fibres, usually nylon, rayon and polyester and as a result, is more affordable.

Silk bonnets on the other hand are made from silk fabric. Silk is a natural protein fiber produced by certain insect larvae, usually the mulberry silkworm from the genus Bombyx, and as a result, is more expensive.

Benefits of wearing a satin bonnet

If you’re looking for a fuss-free way to achieve your dream hair goals such as length, shine and strength then you’re on the right track. Here are 8 ways a satin bonnet can benefit you and your hair goals:

1. It prevents split-ends

Sleeping on your usual cotton sheet causes friction between your hair and the sheet, leading to split-ends. With a satin bonnet, your hair is protected from potential split ends.

2. It prevents frizz

Your regular cotton bedding absorbs much of your hair moisture making your hair become frizzy. A satin bonnet mitigates this, protecting your hair against frizz.

3. It prevents tangling

Wearing a satin bonnet prevents against frizz and split-ends, this in turn prevents against tangles and knots making your hair more manageable in the morning.

4. It prevents hair breakage

By preventing split-ends, frizz and tangles, satin bonnet also prevents the hair from breakage because split-ends, frizz and tangles leave the hair prone to breakage.

5. It keeps the hair hydrated

Satin bonnets help to keep the moisture in your hair intact by preventing your cotton sheets from absorbing all the moisture from your hair.

6. It protects your hairstyles

Whether you have braids, have your hair out loose or any other styles in between, satin bonnets go as far as maintaining your hairstyle beneath while you toss and turn freely in your sleep.

7. It makes your hair products work harder for you

Wearing a satin bonnet assures that the hair products you apply on your hair before going to sleep are working overtime for you keeping your hair conditioned, smooth and nourished rather than being absorbed by your cotton beddings.

8. It prevents facial breakouts

Without a satin bonnet, your hair oils and other hair products rub off on your pillowcase which is then transferred to your face. Some of these products contain ingredients that are comedogenic making your pillowcase a breeding ground for acne-causing concoction. A satin bonnet, while protecting your hair, also prevents these ingredients from your hair products from getting on your pillowcase, thereby preventing facial acne. 

Who can wear satin bonnets?

A satin bonnet has been a necessity for black women for decades, but now the beauty world has started to understand that we’re onto something. Wearing a protective bonnet is beneficial for all hair types, textures and porosities.

Styles of satin bonnet

Full satin bonnets are bonnets made entirely of satin. 

African print satin bonnets are bonnets made with African print on the outside and lined by satin on the inside. 

Long satin bonnets are bonnets that leave enough room for long bulky hairstyles such as long braids, dreadlocks, twists or even for those with naturally really long or very full hair who prefer to sleep with their hair loose. 

Reversible satin bonnets are ones that can be worn on either side. 

Fixed-size satin bonnets are bonnets with fixed elastic band around the circumference. 

Self-adjustable size satin bonnets are bonnets with either a rope or elastic band that is adjustable or a band that you can tie to your head circumference.

Where to buy a satin bonnet

Satin bonnets are in high demand in these times due to the increase of African ancestry women wearing their natural hair as well as those wearing virgin hair extensions. If you’re looking for where to buy one, you’ve come to the right place. AfricanFabs has different styles of satin bonnet including, the reversible ones, self-adjustable size ones, children bonnetslong bonnets and the African print ones. This is your one-stop shop for satin bonnets.

In summary, satin bonnets leave you with healthier, better-looking, hydrated, ready-to-go, worry-free hair without the hard work. It can be worn by people of all hair types, textures and porosities and come in different styles. All this can be bought at affordable prices here on our AfricanFabs online store. Your hair will never be the same again.

How do I wash my Satin Hair Bonnet?

Preferably wash at up to 30 degrees Celsius with the washing machine or by hand. In the washing machine, we recommend the use of a special laundry net, which can be purchased here. This keeps the soft satin protected from sharp parts and friction in the washing machine. Do not spin dry. Then hang up to dry. Do not tumble dry.

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