Welcome to AfricanFabs! We offer fast worldwide shipping.  
Welcome to AfricanFabs! We offer fast worldwide shipping.
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About us

Welcome to AfricanFabs! We offer high quality wax print fabrics, ankara fashion & accessories. Our fabrics are made high quality materials. The perfect fabrics to make your own styles!


AfricanFabs was founded in 2018 by Jane:

Growing up and living in Benin City, Nigeria for 15 years, the art of "African print" fashion was part of my daily life. After moving to the Netherlands in 2004 the love for African wax print fabrics and fashion always remained. For me it has always been a way to stay connected with my Nigerian roots. I love to combine modern styles clothing with both modern and traditional fabrics. Also integrating the vibrant colors into casual daily fashion is a combination I love. For me this webshop is a way to share my passion for African fashion with everybody.


Products in our webshop

The products available in this webshop will contain a selection of our favourite style wax print fabrics.

We also offer a selected range of high quality ankara fashion, based on our favourite wax print designs. We aim to update our webshop with new fashion every couple of weeks.

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