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Scalp massager - silicone hair brush - scalp brush - massage brush - head massager - Black

Scalp massager - silicone hair brush - scalp brush - massage brush - head massager - Black

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Cleaning your hair in an efficient and deep way? Then this silicone hairbrush is definitely for you!
Treat yourself to a beautiful head of hair with freshly washed hair. Your hair will shine after a wonderful wash with this silicone hair brush. The massage brush gives you the wonderful feeling you have after a complete wash at the hairdresser. You will leave the bathroom super relaxed and can enjoy a blissful night's sleep.
Available in different colors.

Anti Dandruff
The brush is going to clean very deep so all dandruff comes loose and you will be less bothered by this. Short and soft brush will give your scalp a blissful massage. You can also use the brush without shampoo, just before bedtime for example.

Anti Stress
You give yourself a deserved massage with the hair brush. During these few minutes you can unwind which will make you less stressed and also get better sleep.

Healthy scalp
The silicone hair brush massages your scalp where you can't reach with a regular wash. Excess (dead) skin cells are washed away and a firm, cared-for scalp gives you the shiny hair you deserve.

Deep cleansing
The silicone hair brush, thanks to its protruding tips, provides deep cleansing of the scalp, cleaning all pores. This special way of cleaning is one that you do not achieve during ordinary hair and scalp washing.

Some pluses of using the hair massage brush:
✅ Compact
✅ Prevents hair loss
✅ Hair growth stimulation
✅ Good blood flow to your hair circulation
✅ Stress-reducing
✅ Suitable for all hair types
✅ Deep cleansing
✅ Shampoo Brush
✅ Remove (dead) unnecessary skin cells

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Fijn product

De siliconen haarborstel is erg handig en fijn in gebruik.
Voelt heerlijk aan op het hoofdhuid.

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